Services include:

Landscaping and Design
Lawn Aeration & Fertilization
Mowing & Edging
Plant Bed Maintenance & Mulching

Plant Bed Maintenance & Mulching
Special spaces need extra-special care. Flower beds and areas that include shrubs, trees and landscape art need to be kept free of weeds and debris. There should be clear lines of demarcation between the lawn and the bed for the most pleasing appearance. This can be accomplished in a number of ways: machine edging, gravel, pavers, paths or retaining walls. Maintaining a manicured look requires regular attention.

Mulching is a great way to conserve the water your plants need to survive. And as mulch naturally breaks down, it releases nutrients that enhance the soil. It reduces weed growth and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your overall landscape design. Its color contrast alone will draw attention to other plantings and hardscape features.

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